Hi there fellow artists! My name is Emma and I’m an artist (or so I like to call myself) that focuses on monochrome palettes and depictions of still life. I studied arts and majored in illustration, although I never found myself too fond of commercial design or sales of art – I draw for myself. My passion was always focused on still life and its meaning in the world, so I began my career by sketching and drawing pretty much every plant in my mom’s garden (which took ages to do).

But why are we here now and what is this site all about? I’m glad you asked, because I am shaking with excitement to tell you all about it! The idea was that I would start a blog that talks about art, college life, writing and Asia. Yes, you read that correctly, Asia.

I might not have mentioned that I studied art in Tokyo, Japan, as my passion was deeply rooted in the ornamental monographic illustrations that came from Asia. I have spent a good deal of my time exploring the different styles and movements that can be found on the Asian continent and have decided to do something with that knowledge – start a personal blog!

You will find all sorts of information about art, different techniques, college life (my favorite part) and Asia as a continent and a place of cultural heritage. Since I’m a freelancer and work from home, I will do my best to update the blog as much as possible.

I’m happy to be able to write about anything I see fit, since this is my blog after all, and there are no pesky editors or clients to think about. I hope you enjoy the content I have prepared and I encourage you to stick around and share my blog with anyone who might be interested in anything related to art or Asia. Thanks for stopping by, keep on creating!